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The winter holiday, you know, is a bon viveur’s paradise: there are those who choose their skis and the mountain hut, those who suite them on a cruise ship, those who enjoy the quiet company of a book in front of a burning fireplace. The alternatives are many, but for a luxury holiday you need only one ingredient: a glass of Cinque Terre Schiacchetrà

Sciacchetrà: a cuddle for dinner

The passito wine of the Cinque Terre is known all over the world, both for its unmistakable fruity flavor and for its rarity: despite the 331 kilometers of Ligurian coast, only 100 hectares are destined for its production. Linked to the Cinque Terre since its origins, Sciacchetrà is an ancient, full-bodied, severe wine; those who produce it, preserve and use the technique handed down by their ancestors, protecting the quality of the wine without giving in to the logic of profit. The result is a liquid with an amber color and an unmistakable taste, which captures every palate and enhances the most diverse flavors.

Sciacchetrà is a dynamic wine, whose fame has crossed Cinque Terre borders and national borders; but few really know him. A small group of connoisseurs know that the color and flavor of this wine changes according to the years of aging. As a young man, Sciacchetrà is golden and brings with it the sugary flavor of peaches and apricots. Aged 5 or 6 years, it acquires an amber tinge and a light hint of vanilla. But it is after 15 years that this wine reaches the point of maximum expression: an aged glass of Sciacchetrà has the color of amber enriched with dark red nuances and gives off an aroma of chestnut honey; the first sip is savory and enveloping, sweet without being cloying, slightly but decidedly persistent, like the echo of a beautiful symphony. Tasting a sip of this wine satisfies every palate and repays the waiting of the connoisseur who waited for the right moment.

Sciacchetrà matches

Sciacchetrà is said to enhance the flavor of some cheeses, many variations of foie-gras and, above all, the rustic sweets of the Cinque Terre. Accompanied or not, however, he will undoubtedly be the undisputed protagonist of your winter holiday.

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