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A sactuary in every village:
Cinque Terre legends and mysticism
Beauty has so many forms: one of the most effective is no doubt travelling, when the journey is much more than moving.
Today we will take you through the images of a special journey that starts in a specific place and time, even though the end time is not to be known. A journey through saints, mystics, visions and legends connected to Cinque Terre.

Our Lady of the legend

Cinque Terre preserve a pure and discreet, yet rustic devoutness.
Hidden behind the hills and only accessible through narrow streets, Cinque Terre religiosity is there only for whom is looking for it.
Each one of the villages has a Sanctuary dedicated to a Lady
According to the legend, Nostra Signora del Montenero (Our Lady of Montenero) was first built in 790 AD by the citizens of Riomaggiore after a reported appearance of the Virgin Mary.
The first building has been restored multiple times, and it is today famous for an icon representing the assumption of the Virgin Mary which leads the Easter procession every year.

Inside the sanctuary of “Nostra signora del Reggio” (Our Lady of Reggio), nearby Vernazza, visitors can see an icon of the Black Mary with Jesus, which was painted, according to the legend, by the evangelist Luca.
The building, of a rare and essential beauty, dates back to the 1st century BC.


Not far from Monterosso you can visit “Nostra Signora di Soviore” (Our Lady of Soviore). The legend wants that, during a Lombard incursion, the citizens buried a wooden “Pity” statue to prevent its destruction.

The statue was then found 1 century later, thus justifying the building of the Sanctuary, meant to house and protect the statue.

nostra signora della salute cinque terre

Standing on the “Nostra Signora delle Grazie” (Our Lady of graces) you can see the whole coastline in one glance.

The interior is simple and delicate: only one nave preciously decorated by magnificient frescoes.

It seems that the originary cult site was built by San Bernardo, who was used to reach it to pray.


Nostra Signora della Salute (Our Lady of Health) is Manarola’s jewel.

Built as a countryside church, with a simple façade in roman style, the church hides a triptych authored by Maestro delle Cinque Terre, a legendary medieval artist only known for his skills and nothing more.

Beauty has so many forms.

Cinque Terre will give you the opportunity to choose the form of beauty that most resonates with your emotions: the journey, the intimate meditation, the fascinating legends or the enchanting art.

Here are some daily tours for you to discover Cinque Terre

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