Giuseppe S.


02 Mar: Short trip to the moon: the quarries of white Carrara marble

The road to the moon is not that far. All you need is a good dose of adventure spirit and someone who, instead of the driver, leads you through the Lunigiana valleys, beyond the Bridges of Vara, to the heart of the Apuan Alps.
Here, the alpine flora thins out to make way for a valley of unusual whiteness, which will give you the feeling of having arrived on the Moon.


24 Feb: Relax experts, Cinque Terre Sciacchetrà experts!

The winter holiday, you know, is a bon viveur’s paradise: there are those who choose their skis and the mountain hut, those who suite them on a cruise ship, those who enjoy the quiet company of a book in front of a burning fireplace. The alternatives are many, but for a luxury holiday you need only one ingredient: a glass of Cinque Terre Schiacchetrà


19 Jan: Tuscan oil: a sip of pure gold

The Tuscan landscape is unmistakable: from the Apuan Alps to Capalbio, passing through the hills of Arezzo and the Pistoia mountains, there are orchards kissed by the sun. Among these, so ancient and luxuriant that they deserve to be visited, there are olive groves.


10 Dec: From the eyes to the brush: Cinque Terre on canvas

A painter’s eyes are greedy for beauty; only they know how to look at something and capture its intrinsic essence. For this reason painters travel: to animate their canvases. For this reason many painters have arrived in the Cinque Terre: to capture short moments of harmony and make them eternal.