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The most beautiful greeting card?
Merry Christmas from Portofino
Luxury brand boutiques, small artisan shops and inevitable souvenir shops overlook, inviting, along the shopping street in Portofino. It is the ideal walk for those wishing to enjoy a day of shopping in perfect Italian style!

From the Roman Empire to ... Via Roma!

In Roman times it was called Portus Delphini – so says Pliny the Elder – and it was a fishing village nestled in a crescent-shaped bay. Characterized by the magnificence of the landscape and the delicacy of the colors, despite the passage of time, the village of Portofino has never changed: since its birth, in fact, it has the power to charm anyone who visits it. Probably for this peculiarity it has become the pearl of the Ligurian coast, a made in Italy jewel whose fairytale architectures are replicated all over the world.
It is always the time to take a walk in Portofino: in every season the sea is calm, the climate is sweet and the windows of the shopping street – Via Roma – attract the eye on the magnificent objects on display. Some names that have made the history of luxury loudly call those who love to surround themselves with Italian excellence. Among the historical signs of Via Roma you will find Doriani Cashmere, born as a brand of belts and transformed into a very elegant clothing brand. Refinement and quality also characterize Mingo, the result of craftsmanship made in Italy since the 1930s. Legend has it that Mingo was a simple leather workshop when the Countess of Camerana asked the owner to reproduce a sandal for her; the creation was so admirable and the fame of the laboratory spread so quickly that the small artisan workshop became the renowned brand it is today. For art lovers, in Rome he exhibits superb creations by Mara Sanguineti: the Ligurian artist, whose paintings can be found in public and private collections around the world, is famous for having immortalized the landscapes of the coast in plastic forms and bright and delicate colors.

On this holiday season treat yourself to a special gift! And you know, a special gift can only be bought in Portofino during your tour with My Italian Driver.


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