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Cinque Terre Blog

by "My Italian Driver"

10 Dec: From the eyes to the brush: Cinque Terre on canvas

A painter’s eyes are greedy for beauty; only they know how to look at something and capture its intrinsic essence. For this reason painters travel: to animate their canvases. For this reason many painters have arrived in the Cinque Terre: to capture short moments of harmony and make them eternal.

golfo dei poeti
24 Nov: Golfo dei Poeti

What we now know today as the Gulf of Poets, so named by Sem Bonelli, was once known as the Gulf of Venus. It is not difficult to understand the reason for this new name, if we think of how many verses, how many paintings, how many symphonies inspired the soul of the artists.

Cinque Terre Vines monorail
27 Sep: Cinque Terre vines monorail

Today harvesting in Cinque Terre has become much simpler: it is done in just two or three days and requires less effort thanks to the help of a monorail, which runs for 16 kilometers and connects the vines to the coast.