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Cinque Terre take away food specialties
When we say Italy, we say restaurant! It is no secret that the homeland of the Mediterranean diet is now considered one of the lightest and tastiest cuisines in the world. And if we don’t have time to sit down at the table, but still want to eat something healthy? Don’t worry: fast food is also healthy in the Cinque Terre!

From appetizer to dessert ... in five minutes!


Having lunch in a fast food restaurant in the Cinque Terre does not mean giving up quality of the food or the quantity.

Despite being a quick meal, to be consumed quickly and perhaps on the street, the Ligurian restaurateurs will still offer you a five-star menu!

The dances begin with the appetizers, among which the Ligurian focaccia and its fried variant (the sgobeo) are the masters. We advise you not to refuse the fainà – local name for the farinata -, which in these areas is really delicious: chickpea flour, olive oil and a generous sprinkling of black pepper at the time of serving! Seal everything with a few pumpkin flowers in batter: an Italian-style appetizer.

Inside any fast food on the coast of La Spezia you will find (and try!) The rice cake, a savory dish – despite its name – prepared with a base of puff pastry moistened with red wine and a filling of rice, eggs, cheese and mushrooms.

Obviously, the fast food on the coast does not neglect the fish, which is usually served, fried as it should and in generous quantities, inside a convenient cone of paper that you can take with you. From baby octopus to whitebait and salt cod, seafood tastes will certainly not be desired.

Finally, we recommend a very fresh sorbet prepared with lemons from the Cinque Terre, a good Italian espresso and … ready to go!

Cinque Terre chefs do not need secret ingredients to make their dishes tasty: just rely on the quality of Ligurian products. With fast food like that, who needs a restaurant?

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