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Cinque Vele prize to Cinque Terre:
The new eco-frontier of tourism
Every sea-lover must visit Italy. 7500Km of coastline are enough to say that a visit to Italy is a must.  Anyone loving “Tourism Excellence” must visit Cinque Terre, the home of the most beautiful sea in Italy. “Cinque Vele” prize is the proof!

The challenge

On June 12th the city of Rome hosted the presentation of the guide “The most beautiful sea 2019”: this guide is published every year to promote and preserve sustainable tourism.
The book provides, beyond all kids of advice about where to go on vacation, the map of the cleanest and most “tourist-friendly” Italian beaches, after the results of a study lead by “Legambiente” and “Touring Club italiano”.
Based on the environment quality and tourist services, the study provides a ranking of the best places by assigning a score measured in “Vele (sails)”: from 1 to 5.
The challenge is by measure based on eco-sustainability parameters!


As usual, this year Cinque Terre made it to the podium: Vernazza, Riomaggiore e Monterosso al Mare scored “Cinque Vele (5 sails)” thanks to the beauty of the villages, crystal-clear water, the extreme cleanliness of the coastline.

As said, it is not only about landscapes, but also cultural heritage, the local economy, sustainable production and transformation of traditional food products.

Champions of beauty, art treasures and authentic flavours, Cinque Terre villages are once again top-ranked in 2019, whereas an increasing number of tourists spend their vacation here.

Furthermore, Vernazza and Riomaggiore, as agreed with the Italian Ministry for the Environment and the EU, finally decided to go plastic-free on all beaches.

cinque vele prize cinque terre
Whoever gets good grades deserves a prize: Cinque Terre truly deserved to be ranked among the top Italian villages with the best seaside and tourist services. What are you waiting for? Plan your visit to this wonderful bit of the Italian coast to choose an emotional holiday with intense flavours, amazing colours and clean sea that will give you unforgettable memories.

Here are some daily tours for you to discover Cinque Terre

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